On 04.30.2016 / Saturday / at 20.00 hours Laura Marti will give a performance with Usein Bekirov Band in Wroclaw. It will be an ethno-jazz project, inspired by folk melodies and songs of Crimean Tatars. The musicians have set out to popularize the Crimean Tatar culture, the development of which is under threat in the current political situation. The main initiator of the project is Usain Bekirov.
The performance will take place within a month after Lviv in Wroclaw.
LVIV AT CLUB hourglass / Club Pochytanka, Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wroclaw

Free entrance

Usain Bekirov — keyboard
Laura Marty — vocals
Andrei Vorobyov — bass
Maxim Kondratenko — drums
Eugene Uvarov — guitar